Disclaimer: my real name is Charlene

Hi there!

Thanks for checking out my website. 

My name is Charlene, I had soooo many nicknames for years 'Char' 'Leentje' 'Charleentje' 'Charrie' 'Charlie', really annoying and none of them felt like me. Until one day a friend started to call me 'Leena', I loved it... my alter ego was born haha. So please call me Leena

Anyways... I'm 26 years old, I'm from the Netherlands. My dad is Dutch and my mom is Indonesian. I danced for 19 years, also was a dance teacher for 8 years. Besides dancing I always loved to express myself in creative ways, I painted sneakers, customised clothing, made dream catchers and everything that came up in my messy but super creative brain.

I'm a multi-passionate creative. I just LOVE to create, to express myself and motivate others to create their own path in life. 

Some random fun facts:  

  • I'm the founder of The Badass Collective
  • I eat plantbased since 4 years (Vegan Power)
  • I have a big interest for nature, spirituality, psychologie & everything that has to do with personal growth 
  • I lived in Indonesia for almost 2 years together with my boyfriend Niels
  • We brought our Indonesian dog with us back home to The Netherlands
  • I'm always hungry
  • I love to read books (some favs: Think & Grow Rich, The Art of Living, You Are a Badass, You Are A Badass At Making Money)
  • I'm an introvert extravert :)